Meet your hostess and the author of the concept of Hotel Of Music Delight!

Ani Frece is a modern music artist, who employs her musical style to link her love for a number of historical periods and music genres, as well as the performers who made their mark on them.
Ani makes her appearances both as a soloist and with various music line ups and orchestras. She is also an excellent pianist and organist. She loves to pass her knowledge on to young musicians as a music teacher.
She possesses a wealth of experience, with music and television appearances, and is known for her musical and performance versatility. She has appeared at protocol and entertainment events, and even, with her emotional musical range, at a number of funeral ceremonies.
Her extensive musical repertoire extends from Slovene popular songs, chanson, and jazz classics to modern pop music.
She performs her own music, and – within the framework of art projects – links music and acting into new music experiences.


– 2011 Slovene Chanson Festival – Hotel Of Music Delight (Hotel za srečo)
– 2012 Slovene Chanson Festival – Feminist (Feministka)
– 2014 Non competitive Slovene Chanson Festival (previous years’ winners) – Hotel Of Music Delight (Hotel za srečo)
(festival najboljših skladb preteklih let 2014) – Hotel za srečo
– 2018 Melodies of the Sea and Sun Festival – The Number of the Heart (Številka srca) (with Irena Vrčkovnik and the MJAV band)
– 2018 Slovenian Song Festival – Such a Moment (Tak moment) (with the MJAV band)

Besides all that is listed, Ani also writes and makes her own original music.